Thursday, December 06, 2007

Destroying The Democratic Front Runner

What I dislike most about the media crazy directed at Hillary Clinton is has divided the Democratic Party. This divide could hand the Republicans the next Presidency.

Lead my Chris Matthews, the Republicans have initiated a campaign to destroy the Democratic front runner. Recall, Clinton had a huge lead. This lead would of been too much for the Republicans to overcome.

Matthews, on a daily bases, acts like he is Braack Obama's unofficial campaign manager. With one Washington Post poll, he's generated this conception the Democrats has a soon to be new front runner. Matthews thinks this country will not elect a Black as president. As a Black man, I truly believe this country is not willing to elect a person of color, but I will support Obama and hope I am wrong. Make no mistake, this is not a statement people of color are not qualified to be president. There many who are very capable running the oval office.

I hope he does not get a false sense of support from the conservative media. Not once has he disarmed this attempt to take Clinton out. I hope he don't get this false sense of being "just that good" he is beating the socks off Clinton. From what I see, the media is doing that for him.

Whatever, happen to sticking to the issues? It has been put to the side by a conservative dynasty that feels they are about to lose it all.The media's attempt to keep the politics negative will also be the downfall of the Democratic Party. This negativity is totally generated by the media, who is acting like a third party instigator pushing two sides to fight it out. Check out Matthew's roll of late.

I call for Democratic unity. Talk about the issues. At the end, pick the best candidate. Keep the Republicans suggestions and propaganda out of the Democratic mix. The Republicans have messed this country up for years to come. There is nothing worth while about them.