Friday, October 09, 2009

Lets Frame The Day Away

"Will Barack Obama have a positive reaction from winning the Nobel Peace Prize, or will he have a negative reaction" Chris Mathews said as he started his show. He then, in the same segment said the Republicans will have a field day with this incident as he trotted out his line of "special commentators" who have been assigned the roll of waiting for Mathews to interrupt them with his now conservative talking points.

Mathews is compulsive with a mission. He wants the power to make and break politicians like Obama, so he is taken a special interest in framing everything Obama does with his special brand of framing.

I, at first, was a Hillary Clinton supporter who had to reluctantly throw my support to Obama because he won the Democratic nomination. As it stands, I could not of been more wrong about Obama. What a pleasant surprise that was. This man is before his time, and with every word that comes out of his mouth, he proves that. The right has no one like him or to compare him to. So, the right-wing lying machine does what they do best. With the help from the overly conservative media, they lie and frame every issue concerning Obama in a negative light.

The point I am trying to make is the media, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Fox Wanna be News, and the many others deserve the left's special attention. This special attention should be used to expose and call the media out on making news instead of reporting it.

Go Go Go Barack Obama.