Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is The Left Being Underrepresented

Crooks and Liars » Bill Kristol: Obama is so unqualified

When the MSM holds a debate, have you ever felt, the person arguing for the Left was week? I have sit on the edge of my chair yelling the truth at the TV concerning the argument. The truth never comes because the conservative media is controlling too much. One way the conservative media appears “fair and balanced” is having both sides of the argument deliver their points. What happens when one side is not arguing their points fully? You yell at the TV like a kid in a classroom with his hand in the air who feels they have the right answer.

The drilling argument is a good example for my point. I wondered why the counter for drilling offshore never expressed the key points to why drilling will not do a thing to lower prices. After the right-wing representative expresses their “we need all the contributers for being energy independent, the left wing counter is presented in a week fashion that does not include more then one point during the debate.

It’s subtle but the right-wing media is guilty of presenting the Left’s argument is a week fashion. That is just one way the right-wing media does to even the lead currently held by Barack Obama. The other way the right-wing media is going after Obama’s lead is by chopping up Obama’s message. This hits Obama at his strongest attribute. By chopping up Obama’s message, they have taken away to flow that moves the audience. This too is subtle and hard to see unless someone points it out.

It helps to be aware of the silent effective tricks the Republicans use. It has got to help to know the conservative media is controlling both sides of the argument in order to give you the impression they are covering both sides of the debate and the Left lost. A informed voter is a smart voter.


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