Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And The Distortions Continues

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Talk about coordinating attacks, have you seen the polls lately? There is a clear attempt by the folks at the RealClear politics site to control the polling averages. When you know how to use numbers, you can create all kinds of deceptions. Gallup released a poll showing Barack Obama with a 9 point lead. Within the next two days, they released another poll showing John McCain with 4 point lead among likely voters, including the 9 point lead polls they gave two days prior. Today, Dick Gregory of MSNBC argued why is Obama not gaining in the polls. Here is why.

I have provided a link to the RealClear politics’ averages. When a conservative polling agency is controlling which polls are included in that average, you can make that average favor your candidate every time. So RealClear dropped a few leading polls for Obama, and found the right sequence of numbers that would make Obama look week, McCain look stronger, and Gallup look fair. With a strange combination that had Gallup giving Obama a 9 point lead, and another polls showing McCain with a 4 point lead, they are making the false claim Obama is not winning. While you are at it, look at the history of the national polls. As a matter of perception and which poll you believe, you can make the same claim Obama is pulling away from McCain.

My point: The polling average is generated by a conservative agency. They will not show Obama leading if they can work the numbers so they don’t have to. They have been working the numbers overtime, complete with bias and media support. The bias in favor of McCain is huge and coordinated. I have seen the same coordination within the media as they comment on Hillary Clinton’s chances for VP. So far, the conservatives have become so concerned for Obama and are making a wise piece of advice not to chose Clinton. I am so impressed with the non partisan advice of the Republican party. NOT.


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