Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Right Apathy

Apathy is a often used tool of the Right; without it, they would not be able to deliver their talking points. It is a sad time for the right, who knows a power shift is headed their way, which only takes on the similarity of "looking American" and "sounding American, " but truly lacks the will or honesty to drive America in the best direction. A good example of this is the so called "my home boys" moment the President had with the 12 American soldiers on national TV on 10/13/05; it was billed as a spontaneous talk with the troops, but it was later found to be a practiced response from crony shock troops. However, what becomes a true "kodak" moment is when you catch the Right, especially this President, with some form of the truth they were not expecting; they fumble about, some stuttering, as if they were interrupted with an national emergency. I say its much easier to know the truth, speak the truth, so you can be about the truth.
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