Thursday, November 24, 2005

Undermining The Argument

The Democrats could be losing this argument concerning the sequence of events that took place in Congress on Friday, November 18, 2005. All media accounts indicate "Congress" acted like unsupervised children. When you view the tapes and follow the FACTS surrounding the argument, a clear distinction comes into view, and you clearly see the ill effects of globalizing taken form. The Republicans tried to present John Murtha's, a Democrat, bill in their words. This one fact has been so under reported by media and Republicans alike. What the Republicans did should be the first reply to any recounted attempt from Democrats. The attempt to blur the facts of how this argument became a spectacle
is a tactic so often used under the "Fair and Balanced" claim by the media. I could not count how many times the media has used this concept to make opinion and lies legitimate issues. Globalizing the 2004 Party candidates was the primary factor to why Democrats lost ground to the Republicans. It's logical to keep the status Que if both sides have been pegged as the same. Democrats cannot afford to be viewed as having the same attributes as the Republicans, a point that should not be hard for them.
For what happen in Congress on Friday, viewers would be hard pressed to see the spin has fact. Increased exposure, thanks to CSPAN, has and will make it difficult for the Republicans to lie as they once enjoyed. Before its over, I put my money on the Republicans moving to have TV out of Congress. The Republicans will long miss the days when lies flowed like Niagara Falls, and the only way to counter their lies required a more than average knowledge of current political dynamics.

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