Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Logic Flow

If "A" and "B" are true, than "C". The Former is a simple formula for the truth, it is also the same formula being used by the Bush administration to generate untruths. I call the equation the "logic flow" formula. This is the very means by which are President is feeding the American people the untruth about Iraq and the War on Terror, where "A" = Terrorist who hate Americans, "B" = The need to defend America from the Bad Terrorist and "C" is equal to invasion of Iraq to spread Democracy so the Terrorist will change their minds or be killed?
Now if "A" and "B" are not true, then "C" will be ineffective and could be considered a contribute to the very problem that is up until now not Identified. The equations does not account for the money involved or the special interest that can be attribute to a false equation, but if you use the formula, you can point to the logic flow needed to gain support for the actions taken in Iraq and the War on Terror. It also points to the areas of focus for the truth, should America want to deal in a true solution.

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