Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sort This Mess Out

What did it mean when the DSM noted " make the facts fit the policy?" At some level, everyone who voted for this war are victims of Bush's propaganda machine. If I remember correctly, most of what was given to Bush was not a green light to start killing Iraqi men, women, and children. He was told: after he had used every avenue he could to avoid using force, then he was authorized to use force. How we got to War is in suspect, and I mean big time suspect. For starters, there is evidence he manipulated data, evidence, and slandered reputations to bring congress to the patriotic moment to support force. Second, the number one reason for going over there was never proved, but we, and I say we, didn't have the balls or fortitude to make things right. We were suppose to pull out of Iraq long ago, and I remember a time when this country would of did just that. History will report us in foul for this one fact, and long after this is over, this country will look like aggressors to innocent people. This, what I am saying, has truth written all over it. Now, Mr. Bush is in full diversion mode and is appointing unqualified people to the Supreme Court, allowed our troops to fight in battles within the Syrian border, and just about any thing he can to divert from the very thing that can bring his corrupt administration down. Mr. Bush is running scared and is in full defense. As a nation, we need a strong drive to bring the truth to the land, and provide clear cut solutions to how we can undue some of the wrongs this administrations has unleashed on this nation.

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