Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Plan

One element of Bush's success has been apathy. Without the dynamic of not knowing what is really going on, the current administration would not have gotten, elected in 2000 and 2004, into a war with a white lie, or no bit contracts in Iraq in the sum of billions of US dollars -- I wonder what a kickback from that kind of money would bring. Mr. Bush cannot hold the pure mass of lies he's unloaded on the American people together. For what its worth, apathy can only survive in good times. Sooner that later people will want to know why their dollars don't have the same buying power it once did, and sooner than later people will want to know why we are fighting this war if we were not under any direct threat. Our men and women don't have to die like they are -- blown to bits in a foreign land away from love ones who will never see them like they were when they left to fight this war. One of the biggest oversight is Bush's ever changing reasons for fighting this war; this is nothing more than an internal struggle turned outward to rationalize why he is killing so many people for no good reason. We are in a sad time and we need to only look up and define the realities around us to see it.
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