Sunday, November 13, 2005

Speaking Out: We Awake From Inactivity To Fight Back

First let me say I am proud to be affiliated with the Left of the political spectrum. I am also proud to be a Liberal, who despite the rhetoric, has the intellect to move our county in the direction needed to recover from this administration's war based in lies and false economic recovery. It appears, the Left have awaken to fight the fight we should of fought right after the 2000 election.
In part, because of the bold and strongman tactics of the Bush administration, the Left reeled back and settled with a complain plenty do nothing approach to issues at hand. We became settled with the assumption the word Liberal meant you were endowed with everything wrong and only belonged in the category of extremes to be shunned by the mere mention of their name.
After two questionable elections, a war we were tricked into supporting, and a mounting reality that everything they have fought for 40 years, the Left now knows it is under attack from the Bush administration and his Republican supporters. Since the close of the Senate -- a special 21 rule -- to move into a close session, the left as awaken to fight. The Democrats, or the so called Liberals, have awaken to ask the important questions about how we got into a occupation of another country fighting for oil that is not ours. The Democrats have awaken to claim the proud accomplishments associated with being Liberal and caring for the world around them. With every move forward, the Left clarifies what the Right has so cleverly distorted and made a mockery of. Yes, the Left and all the good it has stood for stands in the only light it knows and that is in the interest of the American people.
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