Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Republicans Use Signature Attack On Prosecutor

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"When nothing is working, attack the person not the issue." That is the signature attack posture of the Republican Party. In settle form, the Republican questions regarding Fitzgerald's request for authority to look at other charges is the beginning of the "Ronnie Earl" style attack soon to be released in full on Fitzgerald.

In advance of what is to come, the Republicans are already trying to build talking points that will be needed to avoid the impeachment of Mr. Bush. The Republicans are now focused on Joseph Wilson's claim that the administration lied about Iraq seeking yellow cake uranium. By saying Wilson's claim was untrue, there will be no serious claim to lies leading our country to war and no foundation for impeachment. Yes, the Republicans are looking pass the indictments with this defense to the worse case scenario. Talking about seeing the "writing on the wall;" this is a natural lock step defense that speaks to the almost inborn predictable unity of the Republican Party.


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