Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Communicating Simple Points

Why is it so hard to hear what the Democrats are trying to say? Could some of Democrat's words be falling in a vacuum to briefly surface at the sole recall of Democrats only? It just seems, for the sake of politics, the critical points concerning our, I am a left leaning card carrying Democratic Liberal, positions get lost in the debates. One example is the Democrats claim they were given information to fit the Bush administration's wishes to go to war, not the facts which was not provided to those who voted to give Bush authorization to go to war. Another lost point is Murtha's initiative was not voted on; instead, a plain statement to withdraw the troops was submitted by the Republicans, which did not have any of the considerations noted in Murtha's initiative. There would be no argument if the positions held were clearly stated. The only thing left would be to prove or disapprove the positions in the debate.
Somebody clearly does not want to clearly define the debate; without clear delineation of the arguments, we cannot move to the who's telling the truth or lie stage. Time after time, the media and the Republicans claim the Democrats were given the same information as the President, and no one voted for Murtha's initiative. That is, in both cases, a poor delineation of the arguments at hand and will not go any further because the arguments lacks agreement on its foundation. When you factor the media's constant need to hype, distort, or crate information related to an argument, you get a dysfunctional triad that seem to run counter to any form of true problem solving. It is no wonder many Americans have lost hope in our media, Congress and leaders to solve our nation's problems. There is one word all three subjects in the triad adhered to: replacement.
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