Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Plays The Race Card

Media Matters - Juan Williams says Michelle Obama "sometimes uses" a "kind of militant anger"

Why does the media get a free pass when the question who is playing the race card is asked? Without the media, race would be but a small problem. With the media, it is always looming in the background waiting to pounce on its next victim.

The MSM, MSNBC, CNN, and as you just viewed, Fox news actually create, sustain, and drive the dynamics of race. They then have the nerve to set by and evaluate the topic as to who would dare use race as a political tool. This third party position they take is never talked about, confronted, or clarified to be a direct product of the MSM's need to sensationalize everything they think will improve their ratings.

I am committed to exposing this and other dynamics associated with unspoken negatives of the MSM.We need a counter drive of sorts. However, it is hard for the Democrats to address this issue head on. Recall the more Hillary and Bill Clinton asserted the media was behind race dynamics, the more the MSM attacked their campaign as a whole.

I truly look forward to a day when the media of old returns to claim its earlier glory. At present, each major network holds and exerts the right to have their resident racist. Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Chris Tucker, and Glenn Beck all walk up to the door of racist intent while claiming it is their right to tell it like it is. CNN actually was a true leader in network news, commentators and special commendation. Today , they have did all they can do to distort whether commentators have the right to attack others under the banner of free speech. There is not time more evident then now for the need of a fair and balanced media.


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