Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who Do We Support: Our Troops Or Bush?

Is there a difference between supporting the troops and supporting George Bush? To support the troops is to do whatever is in their best interest. This may not be what our president think is the best for our troops, especially when our president continues to connect the wrong dots to our current involvement and run up to the war.

If I never hear we must fight them over there so they do not come over here, it will be too soon. That does not make a bit of sense, yet this is now one of Bush’s primary reasons for fighting this war. Behind the noted rational to fight in Iraq is a silent statement: We must kill in the Middle East because those people don’t mean as much as Americans. Bush’s assertion silently says every Islamic terrorist in the World reside in Iraq, or at least the ones with a ticket to America. The terrorist in Afghanistan don’t have the money to come to America. How convenient is that?

We, the Democrats, must do the right thing that is based in past truths. Let the Republicans continue to support George Bush, with little true consideration for the well being of our troops. History will record, after the truth smacks Americans in the face, the Democrats attempted to deescalate this useless war. At least some could rest with the fact they tried to do right thing.

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