Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Media's Senseless Agenda

The media is in need of a serious overhaul.

News has taken a
serious "hit" to the quality of their objective, reporting and
fairness. Since the Fox news success with conservative audiences, CNN
and MSNBC has actively positioned themselves to compete with the big
money Fox enjoys. This is a fact not an opinion.

The unfairness associated with media's move to the right has no equal
dynamic to counter the now flooded cheep format right-wing news
generates. Even CSPAN practices a right-wing format on their
Washington Journal. CSPAN is in so much denial about their move to the
right, and as a result, they tend to play a patronizing concept to

So, when you get the feeling the news host or
commentator is being unfair, he/she probably are. Actually, the
arrogance that accompanies the conservative formats is insulting to
one's intelligence. CSPAN's call in structure is set up to give the
impression the country is split down the middle on all conservative vs
liberal debate issues. They have one phone line for the right, one phone line for
the left, and one phone line for the independent. About 70% percent of their
guest are conservative. They often make a request for conservative
callers only without doing the same for the left at an equal rate.

When you hear the right claiming we live in a left-wing bias news monopoly,
it's not true. They call the right wing claim "playing the ref."

For the left, the fight to regain balance is not just in the executive
branch of government. It is the media routed strongly, so they have
their work "cut out" for them to even the political play field.


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