Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lies vr Reality

I hope the Bush administration and our military are not becoming victims of their own propaganda. Along the lines of believing their own lies, I hope they have not created a alternate reality that is too far from what is really going on in Iraq.

Maybe they were all out looking for cheep rugs. You have to believe a lot of energy has to spent to keep the lies about this war believable. This effort may be the very thing that is keeping our military from being affective.So, have we sent our solders to Iraq to become fresh meat for the insurgency to pick off ten at a time -- as opposed to one at a time?

Yes we may well be mind screwing ourselves for the sake of rugs and propaganda.I don't think this is funny at all. But when you look at the outrages statements and comments being made by the right-wing congressional and senatorial representatives visiting our troop, you have to make them aware of shit for brains comments and statements they bring back to the American people.

It is really becoming evident, we cannot ask our troops to hold out until the surge starts to "kick in." Every life is too precious to factor in the lost of human life for success in Iraq. This war must stop and, in it's place, a serious effort, grounded in the truth, must be put in its place.

Yes, we broke it and must own it, but I will be dam if we have to do stupid shit to fulfill a group of war mongers desire to "win this thing."If we want victory, it will have to take on peaceful attributes design to problem solve this terrible situation we have created.
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