Monday, April 30, 2007

Who Will Connect The Dots Now?

This has got to be the 64 billion dollar question: Can we now, based on FACTS, bring all of our "dots" together to make a case for impeachment? If not please state why _________________.

This statement or question is for the media as well as the public. Some how, there is a "ghost block" preventing this country from acting in a rational manner.

This president is responsible for killing close to 1 million people, and yet we don't even want to say the word IMPEACHMENT. Our congress, senate, judges, Generals, and voting public have been educated from the best schools this world has to offer, and they cannot "connect these dots" that now stand out like an emergency signal. Some how we have put a regulator on the truth in this country. One big example of that is the FACT there was no WMDs, but there is still 29% of Americans who want to KILL anyway. What the hell is really going on? I say take a deep breath, and examine what you could never get away with as a citizen. This country needs to drop this notion that we have to "Win This Thing." WIN WHAT. The right to kill more innocent Iraqis, or shell I say "collateral damagees."

Yes, now there is talk about putting a "strong" man in Iraq to quiet the warring factions. After that is done, then they will place a democratic government in power. What they really mean is kill untold thousands more Iraqis to wipe out anyone not fighting for the Americans. After the killing is done, then, yes you guessed it, we continue to close our eyes as we have been doing.

It's coming to this rage in me, and I just don't want to take it anymore. We were once a proud nation in my life time. To see that image wiped out in 6 years have hurt me more then my personal life losses. This has got to stop.


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