Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who Is Doing Well?

I am not surprised to see the many complaints about our so-called trieving economy. Everyone with no money can't wait to say something is not being considered when they evaluate our economy.

I recall before the start of the 2004 presidential campaign there was serious concerns for the state of our economy. During this time, Bush started counter claims, not measures of substance, the economy was better than it was being reported. Today, we have an out grow of that claim, only now Bush has placed cronies in places associated with our economy to spin the one percent who are doing really well. A look at the Oil companies will be the only example needed to highlight that one percent. Today it was reported on CNN; Exxon Mobil was making $79,000 per minute in the year 2006. That is a lot of god dam money.

How long did Bush think he could get away with this one sided economy? As I see it, this strategy is working in the negative for him. Bush does not care at this point; he is on the way out, and I am sure he will be rewarded well for his contributions to the wealthy.

The media is so responsible for the delivery of this false Bush economic recovery. How many times have we had to endure hearing the six o’clock news tell us the market is doing well and so is our economy.

On the horizon, the Democratic victory in November has slowly turned the nature of what is reported to us in favor of some truths. We must tell the media we are tired of the one sided version of the news, and turn certain channels off until they change their ways. We have some leverage to hit the media where it hurt the most: Their pockets.


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