Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Is Responsible

How can we say we improved the Iraqi's standard of living? The US has made a mess out of Iraq. No hype. This is the real consequences of our actions: We have brought nothing but death, destruction and pure hell to the Iraqi civilian population.

What can we "win" from this situation? Have we even defined victory in Iraq? I hope Bush's intention are noble because, I will not support any attempt to steal Iraq's oil.

The sad thing is we have already did so much to ruin Iraqi lives. Many of the civilian will be messed up for their short time on this earth. I am not sure the average American really gives a dime for the suffering Iraqi.

We don't even acknowledge Iraqi loss in the same way we acknowledge our own. Since we have been in this war, the number of Iraqis killed on a daily bases far out number American solders. It is almost like we have dehumanized Iraqi life just enough so Americans back at home will not be outraged at the staggering losses brought on by OUR involvement in Iraq. Could that be why we called Iraqi civilian loss "collateral damage?"

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope the unnecessary killing and destruction stops soon before it reaches genocidal preportions -- if it has not already.


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