Saturday, April 21, 2007

Developing Reality Perspective

Paul Rieckhoff exposes a disconnect between propaganda and the truth. While the White House is working hard to minimize realities, they could crate a situation that kills more Americans.

This whole thing is sad. Bush is incompetent and should not be running this war from "his" commander and chief position. I state this with a sense of urgency because I, like Harry Reid, don't want another drop of blood lost to this senseless and unnecessary war. The loss is too precious, and President Bush appears to be "winging" his position as the leader to the most powerful nation in the world.

If the Bush administration, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the press won't force the reality perspective, we as activist and voters must make it the dominant conversation in the Blogging world and any other medium we can use. I know I am serious enough to remove the denial that keeps us in this horrible war and put in its place a truth's perspective to what lead to this war, what motives we use to stay in this war, and what realities make it necessary to remove our troops from this no win scenario.

We must keep the logic flow simple. What we say and continue to see did and is happening. No more rational explanation based in a small avenue of doubt. When the truth is looking at you, call it what it is, not what someone else explains what it is. In short, this war must end.


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