Friday, April 27, 2007

What Car Bombs!

I have heard everything. Now, the Bush administration has stop counting car bombs. No wonder Bush has been claiming there has been a drop in violence since the surge.

There has been a surge in media propaganda. CNN's Michael Ware has toned down his bleak assessment of the Iraqi troop occupation to say, in affect, in spite of our solders being picked off in a military quagmire, we should still continue our occupation of Iraq. To see Ware and Kyra Phillips sitting in a chair side by side resembled two kids being chastised for saying bad things.

Ware contends "we broke it; we have got to fix it." This brings into question is there a inherent biases associated with interacting with military personal. With so much emotional realities about, the opportunity to bond is increased ten fold. People bond through emotions. 9/11 will contest to that. To have our troops, Iraqi troops and the Iraqi civilian population dying around you, the moment to bond is as common as air.

The other side of this is the wantabee like Fox dynamic being carried out by the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. These networks compete 24-7 for the conservative markets that spend big advertising dollars. Yes there is money behind this shit too.


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