Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Many Drum Beats Of Iraq

I have come to the conclusion we have not grasped the magnitude surrounding every contributing element fueling this war. With the understated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi protesting on the anniversary of this war, a clear message was sent to America to get out of Iraq.

Does the United States military have to suffer a slaughter to see was is so clearly on the horizon? I sure hope not, but sometimes if you see your strengths from another ankle you empower yourself or objectives.

With our so-called smart bombs, we have killed a many innocents. This fact alone is responsible for brother, sister, mother, father, uncle and the dog becoming insurgents. Multiply that dynamic by 4 years and you have insurgency from hell.

I don't know about you, but it takes more than the desire to "win this thing" for me to be patriotic about this war. I refuse to get behind this president for a "pick of the week" rational for killing so many. I am not sure if the supporters of this war even know what they want. They say we need to "win this thing" and in the next statement proclaim it's the Iraqi responsibility to defend their own country. So is "Winning this Thing" training the Iraqis to defend their land? If so, why do we need the show of so much force? Hell, we can train them and go home. What a sweet victory that will be.

I remember a unprecedented move to train our military in civilian crowd control tactics. This happen last year and it was controversial because it was considered a move that could give the executive branch too much power. I feared it was Bush's slow move to a dictatorship.

As it stands, 70% of the American people want this war over with. The other 30% want to "win this thing." I don't know about you, but it looks like we may be headed down the road I feared. Bush refuses to hear the will of the American people and is lining up to make moves on other countries like Iran and Syria.

When Will we say enough Mr Bush it's time to listen to the American voice to stop this war?


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Well said.