Thursday, October 06, 2005

Misdirection and Judge, they hope, Miers

The Republican Party has put forth a very deceptive plan to seat a very conservative person to the Supreme Court in a way the Democrats would not mount any serious opposition to the nomination. I am not fooled one bit by the immediate outrage response from the Republican Party when Miers was nominated. I have never seen the Republicans automatically discount one of their own, especially with this partisan Congress and Senate. It looks like the plan is to disagree at first, then at the last minute, claim they have had a change of heart. They are hoping their initial disagreement will trigger a partisan support response from the Democrats. The plan will, if it works, will get Miers appointed in unanimous fashion.


lokokid said...

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Joseph said...

On this one, I had it wrong to some degree. The Bush plan was to nominate a conservative Judge. It's just not Miers.