Saturday, December 08, 2012

We Have Just Entered The Pre-Trial Phase Of This Case

I want to first say this is a very sad and unfortunate event. Nobody wants this kind of thing to happen. I hope intent to kill and full weight of a fun moment turned tragic is given to all involved. As it stands, Josh Brent has just moved into the trial by public phase, and I am certain any juror will be influenced by it. Some events belong out of the headlines. These events are gray in nature. By "gray" I mean not a clear cut verdict until the facts are presented.

My point is I find it hard to unfairly charge someone's child, imprison someone's child and sadly lose someone's child. This is coming from somebody who can only imagine if that were my child, lost or tried in a court of law. There can be no winners in this situation; however, there must be a healing process that creates and initiates a bonding process that brings a potential for us to be a little closer to each other.



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Are Blacks The Only ones

Why is it every time I turn on the news or pick up the newspaper there is a story about black athletes? Does any other races get into trouble on a daily bases? For a change, I would welcome a bit of real "fair and balanced" reporting. Would you?