Monday, December 17, 2012

“Starting The Dialog For Solutions

Funny, when you talk about taking guns out of the hands of would be killers, the conservatives come out of the wood works. On this site, I have never seen so many conservative comments grouped together for an issue. Is it so bad to begin the conversation or dialog to bring about a solution to the tragedy that lead to the death of innocent children, teachers and rescuers?

We need to start the dialog for bringing this senseless killings to an end. I am not willing to stop the solution process because it conflicts with a farmers nuisance license. Can we have a solution to the killings of so many innocent human beings, and still allow a hunter or farmer shoot his deer? Or, can we, as a nation, be silenced by the threat of Civil War because we simply want to stop killings like this from happening over and over again?

This is America; I think we have the courage to step up and find a solution to this issue. This should not be a "win a game" exercise. No one person should be expected to solve this issue. We must all come to the table with the sincere intent to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. For the kids and adults that died, we can SOLVE



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