Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Danger Of Being Around A Suicidal Person

The first thing most want to do when someone feels bad enough to take their own life is to help them. It's almost a natural reaction, and it speaks to the very nature of how we bond with one another. When you see a small child crying, most will move to that child to comfort that child, and by doing so, you become the child's friend and savior, and you get a boost in your good ego. However, know this: if someone is truly suicidal, they may be in the mind set of not caring about their life nor yours. This is why you see so many stories like the one associated with this post. The suicidal person kills himself and those around them

My Mother used to tell me: "never make someone mad enough to want to hurt you. You never know how that person solves their issues."

When you bring both of the dynamics above together, you have an increased chance of a very tragic situation -- a situation that has filled the newspaper pages and TV news reports in America. How many times have you read or watched a news report about a killing followed by a suicide? Bottom line here is it is easy to want to help someone who is deeply hurt enough to want to kill themselves, but it may not be the wises thing to do, and it could be the last thing you do.


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