Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Run Of The Mouth Disease

John Sununu has a disease; it is called run of the mouth disease, for which, he got from Mitt Romney. Run of the mouth disease symptoms include the following:

1. Lying -- for which you recant later, recanting can occur in one hour to two years
2. Endless Insulting of any and all Democrats -- can be but not limited to minorities.
3. A need to affirm your sense of being powerful when you are not -- presented in an annoying presence before TV cameras as you call others names. Name calling can be in rant form.

A word of caution here. run of the mouth disease is extremely contagious and has be known to affect members of the Republican Party. Lying seems to be the main way people catch this disease,so anyone can catch it. The prognosis for this disease is extreme insignificance followed by isolation from politics for the remainder of your Parties existence.


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