Thursday, December 06, 2012

“The Real Truth Leaks Out

I can't see how Mitt Romney and camp can say they were going to win the presidential election. By the time the end of campaign season came around, Romney was lying at a rate unprecedented in American politics. It did not look and feel it was coming from someone who was winning an election. Instead, it seemed Romney was trying to find something, anything, that will put him contention at the last minute.

As time goes by, sometimes the truth leaks out, even if you live in a protected Bubble. This is one of those times. The truth be said no serious presidential candidate can lie as much as Romney did and not be subject to adverse consequences. In this case, Romney loss a 7 year bid for the WH and he knew it, he paid to know it, and I am sure,in the end, he was told the awful truth of it.


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