Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Report The Whole Truth

Like everything that has come out of this reconstruction of Iraqi, the American people and the media knows that some how this will later be reported as a farce in which Iraqi citizens were promised goods if they voted for the constitution. We, I know I do, suspect everything this administration has their hand in, and it is not rooted in hate for George Bush. The hatred for George Bush came after he got away with everything he's did, including the killing of men, women and children. I really hate the killing of human being for reasons that had nothing to do with imminent danger to us or the Iraqi people. Why would I not hate that?. The Far right and Mr. Bush should come to grips with the fact that we are not in WWII when there was a true Axis of Evil. The false sense of partiotism that drives this illegal war has made my stomach turn, and I will never be afraid to say it.
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Dem Soldier said...

Well said man.........

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