Sunday, August 06, 2006

Slash And Run Real Fast

The title suggests there should be an upgrade to the always appropriate slogan "cut and run." As adults, we should not be so taken in by this kind of suggestion: I am not sure what a "cut and run" is. Is it a person? Does a "cut and run" person have cooties or smell bad? I know a "cut and run” person is something like what happen to the word "Liberal." All of the sudden, as a "Liberal," I drink cool- aid and want by country taken over by terrorist and aliens, both out of country and outer space.

I know all this conjecture is not true; I am just wondering when we gave the opposition the unchallenged right to define who we, meaning Democrats and Liberals, are. At some point we have got to make the Republicans responsible for what they call us -- in the way our parent taught us about name calling -- just for the sake directing the moment to an adult level. Yes, come with what matters within issues, not within your kids classroom.


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