Friday, December 29, 2006

Will We Kill All The Killers?

Americans, and that includes me, have a silly tendency. Here we have a poll showing Saddam Hussien is not hated as much as our own murderous president, and we will do everything we can to minimize this reality. How silly; how convenient this is.

Yes, President Bush has blood on his hand. This explains why he will not change his views on why we went to war. He knows any change in his reason for going to war would accompany a charge of genocide. This man is responsible for many lives that had nothing to do with Saddam, harming Americans, or fighting our armed forces.

Why so many had to die for nothing has escaped scrutiny of the American consciousness. We continue to feel we are righteous liberators of a repressive regime, avoiding an ugly image associated with killing innocents.

Now we have come down to killing Saddam. Will we measure ourselves different? Will our media machine work overtime washing their part in hyping the killing of innocents as something non-important, or even worse, not reporting it at all?

What we have admitted to we called it collateral damage. The name alone dehumanizes the seriousness of killing human beings.

How long will our lie hold?


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