Monday, November 13, 2006

Win What Thing?

Really "lets win this thing" does not sound like a strategy to me. In fact, I am not sure what "win" constitutes when it comes to Iraq. Nor am I sure what or who "thing" is. I do know this: 603,000 total lives have been lost in the name of "winning this thing," and 600,000 of those who lost their lives get to be called "collateral damage."

I would like to see the American public back the execution of Saddam Hussein for killing between 30,000 to 60,000 Iraqi people for whatever reason, without coming to the conclusion we have did worse in the name of "winning this thing."

All loss of life has one thing in common: it's over. This country and other countries that seem to hold their military objectives above humane responsibility have missed a very important consideration. You can't kill innocent people in the name of something stupid.

In WWII, the situation was different. This is no WWII. In fact, the reason for this Iraqi war was generated for less than emergency reasons. No, the first order of business for the new Democratic congress should not be oversight. It should be to stop the killing in our name and put substance to the objective "lets win this thing."


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