Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Black Republicans And History

You can trace the Black Republican form of compliant thinking to "Uncle Tom's Cabin." It is a sad under-researched dynamic spawned from slavery as some slaves took many measures to stop some of the physical and separation abuse imposed on them as a means to control them.

To cope with the many beatings associated with plantation life, Blacks were forced into compliance. You need only to go to a land where you don't understand the language; add to this someone beating the skin off your back for words you can't seem to understand. By the principles described in conditional learning alone, Blacks understood a basic rule to survive, and not get beat, was to comply. Doing what they thought the masters wanted them to do was quickly learned and passed on as a survival technique.

The house slave is a direct product of compliance to avoid beatings. As those who understood this concept most became trusted and delegated to instruct other slaves who did not know the rules and language, thus, the Uncle Tom was born.

From the very beginning, the Uncle Tom thought he was better than the others because he could speak like the whites, dress like the whites, and if given the chance, he could even criticise like the whites. There was only one glaring problem to Uncle's Tom's status: he was still black.

Throughout the years, the Uncle Tom's need to demonstrate this extreme form of compliance has evolved to the now Black Republican, complete with his so called "just like Whites" conditioning, but now he's joined a political Party that seems to give his status a true sense of belonging and that is the Republican Party..

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