Sunday, August 09, 2009

We Should Be Concerned About MSNBC's Attacks on Obama

From the Ed show to Rachael Madow, MSNBC is covering the whole political spectrum with anti Obama commentary. They provide a complete picture of the political atmosphere. Lately, they have been taken pot shots at Barack Obama's entire support structure.

The Ed Show:

Day after day, Ed Schultz complains about how Obama is loosing his liberal base. He does this enough to put a serious dent in Obama's liberal support. By itself, it looks harmless; however, when you look at the total attacks lunched against Obama, there is cause for concern.

Polls Polls Polls

If you say it often enough, it will stick. This is the approach being done with the use of selective polls by Chris Matthews and others at MSNBC. Take a look at the Quinnipiac U. poll. What you find is that Matthews is using this poll to promote Obama's decline in public support The real truth is that it is the lowest out of the first ten polls listed. Why would Matthews and others at MSNBC use only this poll troubles me.

Give It To Me Now

It appears Obama is not working fast enough for Racheal Maddow. She wants Obama to change the status of the Gay people now. Right now. Or, night after night, this happen in May and June, Obama has been the butt of many complaints he is not for filling his campaign promises.

My point is clear, when you look at the entire coverage provided for Obama at MSNBC, you can see it has dangerous potential. There will me more to come concerning this sudden all out attack on the Obama administration by the media. Especially the attacks by MSNBC.


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