Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is This Find A Hole And Dig In It Week

From the left, from the right, and from the media, they all seem to take their aim at Barack Obama's attempt to do something no one has been able to do to date: Bring effective health care for all.

From the left, there seems to be side liners waiting for Obama to do something un-liberal, un-politically correct, or just plain unrelated to what he said he would do if he was elected -- this is going on while Obama is in the process of trying to put something together. Through it all, the left has weaken Obama's support, leaving him alone to swim for himself.

From the right, lies, lies, and more lies. These people lie so much you would think they were allergic to the truth. Lets get one thing straight: The Republican Party has a loosing solution and they are playing it to the letter. A victory to defeat the health care efforts will be short lived. The next round of elections will show them just how much they have fooled the public.

From the media, there seems to be this perception, they should insert their brand of sensationalism into every issue. It is hard to see their role in the health care issue as positive because the only thing they think of is ratings. They blow everything out of proportion. What bothers me the most is they practice creating the news when they should be reporting the news. I could care less if I never see another special annalist from MSNBC or any other network.

It is easy to sit by and pick out what Obama has done or not done. For sure they will see something inherent in everyone of us: Being human.


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