Saturday, November 11, 2006

Face It Don't Create It

There is a very important truth concerning denial the Republicans don't seem to get. It's not a river in Egypt. Everyone knows that line except the Republicans.

Do you think it will take them 2 years to understand the importance of being truthful to reality and self? I know one thing: They should stop getting on national prime time TV obviously fooling themselves to the facts surrounding their lost of congressional power.

The Republicans got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Take the cookie out of their mouths and examine why it is important to ask for the cookie. Don't continue to slam the cookies in your mouth. I learned this lesson in my early years.

So far, before the campaign, during the campaign, and after the campaign, the Republicans continue to spin every issue before them. You cannot deal with reality when you don't acknowledge it. You can't create reality by spinning it. You must face reality to start the process of effectively dealing with it. It appears the Republicans simply need to grow up, face up, so they can begin to catch up.


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Michael said...

Sadly... it's not just the right wing that spins things endlessly. If, as everyone claims, the key voting point of the mid-term elections was the war in Iraq, media outlets such as CNN should not have have been proclaiming (in CAPS LOCK) that the Democratic Party had won the Senate. Everyone knows that Joe Lieberman is in agreement with the White House's efforts on national security and Iraq, and thus the House is a nice even 50-50, with any tie further going Dick Cheney, an obvious Red vote. Also, I challenge you to listen to Democrats (beyond Pelosi, Hoyer, Murtha, Reid, and Schumer). Listen to people like Conyers who flagrantly overstate the case for impeachment. Listen to people like the Congressman from Georgia who was on the Fred Eaves commercial claiming that "Your very life may depend on keeping Republicans out of office" and "Do you remember fighting off dogs in the streets? This is worse." Or the spin that activist judges consistently put on letting hardened criminals go free. 'Our job as a society is to fuel each person's personhood and self-worth' to paraphrase. But yet liberals are astonished and claim all sorts of police abuse when positive anti-crime laws such as those under Mayor Rudy Giuliani are put into affect. That's the kind of spin that we face each day from the media and outspoken liberals, and it's far worse for the mindset of our country.