Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Real Election Flaw of Our Country

Our country has a very serious flaw. Because of the polarize nature of our country, their is a chance we could put someone like Mitt Romney in the office of the president. When one side has the financial means to buy the most important election of our county, we can actually put someone in the president's role who has no qualifications to be there, and in tonight's debate, that fact was evident.

Romney scares me, and this is not related to being on the other side of his issues. It does have a lot to do with our nation's security. This man is not qualified to be in the office of the president, and if he were, we could be in the first nuclear war. I say this with the real fear Romney is out classed, emotional reactive, and narrowed minded.

The very first time Romney is faced with a real life situation the mind set for critical thinking on a world stage will not be there. As a country, we have got to find a way to keep those who could destroy the country or world out of our polarized system. As you can see, any person can get close to half the country' s support off the top. This makes our election process something to look at from a national security perspective. We are truly in a scary time.


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