Monday, September 03, 2012

Kicking & Screaming

The word is out: The Republican convention could of been called the lying convention. For the first time since I can remember, all of the media did not do this phony fair and balanced routine that bypass the all out lies committed by the GOP. However, there is still a few media diehards who see things in the usual "horse race" objective way. CBS's Bob Schieffer is one of those diehards.
During "Meet the Press", on Sep. 2, 2012, Rahm Emanuel totally overlooked the strongest arguing point against Mitt Romney's Welfare attack that claims Barack Obama wants to get rid of the work requirement. Instead, he gave a long drawn out explanation a Harvard Grad would of been tired of. He only needed to say it was a lie.

During the same "Meet the Press" show noted above, the host Dick Gregory invited the conservative elite to counter the damage made in the recent Republican convention. The guest, which included the great Newt Gingrich, made their points without counter and taking responsibility for the lies generated during their speeches and convention.

My point is this, some of the media made to historic leap and fact checked the lies generated during the convention. while others still see things in the usual overlooked fashion they call Fair and Balanced.


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