Saturday, August 11, 2012

Democrats Must Get Busy

As a Democrat, I think we need to change the media narratives. So far, I have seen examples of what the Republicans are doing in Florida, Ohio and now New Mexico. To Inform is an important order of exposure. However,an even more important aspect to fighting this potential election crime is to outline what is being done to stop these efforts to steal this election.

Like a ship in the sea, we must change direction and report what is being done to stop this madness. I don't want to get up the day after the next presidential election and see headlines saying: Democrats Did Nothing To Counter the Massive effort to cheat Barack Obama out of his office.

What must happen until the November election is a non stop energy driven focus on preventing the Republicans from getting away with their attempt to steal this election by suppressing the vote. You can do this by the following.

1. Informational post: Get the word out through you blog comments on all sites.
2. Give, Give, Give: Not to here but to the efforts directly dedicated to stopping the Republican voter scams.
3. Check here for more information concerning the voting battle:  This blog will dedicate time and efforts informing and directing would be donation to central areas.


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