Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stealing Is Not A Mental Disorder

Stealing oil is the primary reason Bush will not let go of Iraq. He and Chaney, and I admit this is my opinion, has made a deal with oil companies to turn over Iraqi oil revenue machine to the same interest that has our gas prices going through the celling. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal, and this president will keep his commitment to deliver the goods to the oil masters.

What is adding more pain to misery is most Americans know what Bush’s intentions are. We refuse to address some of the most obvious suspicions concerning this president. Time after time, we have given Bush the benefit of the doubt so much, the pink elephant in the room has many relatives in the same room. We will not connect the dots in ways that will allow this nation to admit we invaded a country who was not a threat to us. It should of been no WMDs no war. Still without a case for war, now I am connecting the dots, we destroyed a country and its infrastructures with endless smart ass bombs that turned out to be not too smart at all. Those bombs helped create an insurgency in numbers the US army never predicted. For every child or innocent victim, for which we call collateral damage, their Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Antie, Uncle, and pet goat became the next wave of insurgents ready to die for the savage killing of a relative. This is how American created more enemies in Iraq with every passing day.

Now, I have scene very disturbing footage highlighting the victories over Al Qaeda. Michael Ware, in Anbar Provence, took serious liberties in reporting the defeat and ejection of Al Qaeda from that city. First, the video was very graphic in showing what Sunni soldiers do to those they call Al Qaeda. Lets put it this way, they are doing some ugly things in our name, with our weapons. This Al Qaeda in Iraq claim is being used to kill many who only crime may be being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Al Qaeda in Iraq will result in lots of killings in our name.

Bush has made it worse, and anytime we get close to ending this war, he will increase his overtones of saying anything that provides the rational for him staying in Iraq. Bush is moving into dark areas of wrong doings. He will go down in history; I hate to think what for.


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