Wednesday, June 06, 2007

If Bush Goes Down, So Should His Party

I cannot see how the Republican Party can separate themselves from the dark leadership inflected on the American people. By supporting a made up war, by not providing the oversight that would of stopped Dick Chaney from making secret oil deals, and by allowing Bush to make up scenarios that ended in supporting spying on its own people, a case can be made for blaming the whole Republican Party. That is just a few; there are many more negatives associated with the Republican Party.

Now, the Republican candidates for president want to put nuclear war on the table as an option of choice in dealing with Iran. Anyway, why does America feel they should be the country saying who should use nuclear weapons when we are the only country to use them? Nuclear war in this time is so uncalled for. Not one of the Republican candidates seems to value good old diplomacy. Kill, kill, and kill our enemies, for that is the strong "Republican" way.

The Republicans will have to put themselves in a hole just to get to be the "one" representing their Party. Let’s see, the candidate has to be against evolution, pro nuclear war, and pro Iraqi war involvement. That is scraping the barrel on some of the most negative issues in this country, and this is things candidates must believe to represent the Republican Party. No, it is not just Bush who is unpopular; it is their whole Party that is unpopular.


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