Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taking On The Right Wing Press

Taking On The Right

At this point, the ritual of Scott McClellan's daily spin with the press is a exercise in a Republican rally call on how to defend the President's policies. I wonder what ciritics thinks will come out of confronting the lack of confrontation from the the media. At best, the press will be lucky the land on the right side of an issue; they have no commitment to journalistic excellence. In fact, the only beholding dynamic the press respects is ratings and it's ability to crate news to fit the new race to the right wing media slant. In today's political arena we have a lot to be concerned about. The lost of left wing power within the three branches of Government have created "black Hole" for everything people orientated to fall in. From laws to legislation, 40 years of hard earned Democratic ideals, that some have lost their lives for, seem to be falling by the waist side.
There is some light at the end of this fall: the 2006 elections should be the first major offensive from he left. As it turns out, the same power the Republicans fought so hard for will be their own demise. Absolute power corrupts, and we all have been witness to a lot of "good oh boy" corruption. Yes, the right wingers are trying their best at the only form of bipartisan politics they are willing to truly give a try: blame for the scandals they have made such a mess out of.

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